Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape)
Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape) Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape) Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape) Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape) Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape)
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Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane (Inc Tape)

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Anti Crack Mat Pro is a decoupling membrane that eliminates the risk of fractured floor tiles that is often caused by lateral movement in the floor. Even the slightest expansion or contraction in a substrate can cause enough stress upon the floor tiles above that eventually cracks can appear. The combination of the polyethylene matting and fabric fleece decoupling layer mean that the sub floor can expand and contract without affecting the tiles above. Use with the Anti Crack Pro Joint Tape which is included as 1m per every 1m² of matting purchased to ensure protection against water ingression and complete decoupling from movement, even in areas that are not deemed wet areas the tape still provides added protection against lateral movement in the sub-floor. This ingenious solution is more relevant now than ever as its is especially practical for large XL size floor tiles that have less grout joints to absorb any movement. Anti Crack Mat Pro is also ideal to use with floor tiles installed over electric underfloor heating systems which, through the heating and cooling process, will cause the floor to expand and contract.

  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems
  • Prevents cracking of tiles on old and sensitive substrates
  • Waterproof, Ideal for use in Bathrooms and Wet rooms
  • Can be used to bridge preexisting stress fractures in the sub-floor.

Installing the Anti Crack Matt Pro decoupling membrane is a simple and straightforward process:

  • Ensure that the area the matting is being applied to is clean and free from dust. Check that timber substrates have no deflection (Bounce) and are completely stable.
  • Apply a coat of an SBR primer which is diluted 1 part to 3 parts clean water.
  • Apply a good quality S2 Class of flexible adhesive to the sub floor with a 4mm Notched trowel. Apply to an area 1m wide. Lay the matting fleece side down into the adhesive. On larger areas ensure that the joints between rolls are staggered. Try to keep the joints as close as possible without overlapping
  • Once the adhesive has dried you can then apply the jointing tape (Included) to ensure the floor is waterproof and the decoupling mat is 100% effective
  • Tiles can then be installed in the normal manner, ensure that there is 100% coverage of adhesive on the back of the tiles and that there are no voids or cavities in the bed of adhesive.
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Product Instructions Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane Instructions
Technical Information 1 Anti Crack Mat Pro Decoupling Membrane Data Sheet
Adhesive S2 Class Adhesive to be used to fix Anti Crack Mat Pro to substrate
Depth 4mm
Suitable for Floors
Use Decoupling ceramic, porcelain and natural stone floor tiles, and for providing a water resistant barrier
Width 1m
Chemical Stability Resistant to diluted acids, alkalie and salt solutions
Disposal Non-hazardous, e.g disposable along with normal domestic waste
Electrical Properties High electrical resistivity
Behaviour in Instance of Fire Normal flammability (B2 as per DIN 4102, Part 1)
Lower Material Polypropylene (PP)
Permitted Temperature Range -40° to +80°C
Tensile Strength 580 N/5m²
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 175 x 10-⁶
Transport Restrictions Non-hazardous as per GGVSE?ADR and GGSV see/IMDG
Upper Material Polyethelene (PE) Film
Waterproof 100% Waterproof (When used in conjunction with the Anti Crack Pro joint tape)
Weight 0.633 per M²