DURA Original Anti-fracture Mat-1m²
DURA Original Anti-fracture Mat-1m²
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DURA Original Anti-fracture Mat-1m²

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DURA Original Anti-Fracture Membrane

Durabase CI++ Matting is an anti-fracture membrane that eliminates the risk of tiles cracking or becoming loose when installed upon a substrate which may be subject to lateral movement such as expansion or contraction, e.g. chipboard floors. It will also act as a decoupling membrane on substrates which are aged and exhibiting signs of movement such as cracked screeds by isolating the tiled surface from the foundation below. Durabase can also be installed in wet rooms, steam rooms and bathrooms as a waterproof barrier when used in conjunction with the Durabase tape, providing a waterproof layer ensuring that any water sensitive substrates remain unaffected and the tile installation remains secure.
Many internal floor tiling projects, especially on 1st floor bathrooms, often suffer cracking and failures associated with movement from timber or aged substrates. By using Durabase you can eliminate this risk and potential added costs. DURA Original acts as a decoupling membrane and separates the tiled surface from the substrate, thus isolating any movement and ensuring that the tiles remain stable and unaffected. It also has the added benefit of acting as a waterproof layer (When used with tape) that is of a particular advantage when tiling a timber substrate which will be susceptible to water.

Durabase CI++ Installation Guide

  • If necessary, apply a suitable primer onto the surface where DURA Original is to be used
  • Cut the DURA Original mats to the required size
  • Use Ultimate Flexible S2 adhesive using a trowel with the notches of approximately 4mm (0.16inch) in width. Apply the adhesive evenly to the surface
  • Lay the Durabase CI++ mats reverse side down (White fleece at the bottom) onto the fresh adhesive and press them down evenly with the flat side of the trowel.
  • Use Durabase sealing tape to cover the junctions between mats
  • Completley cover the top of the mats with flexible adhesive, then roughen the adhesive surface using a suitably sized notched trowel (the trowel size depends on the size of the tiles), then lay the tiles on top
  • Grout the tiles using flexible or ordinary grout
For further advice and help with this product, please call our technical team 01473 805959

SKU 4018448063811-1
Product Instructions Durabase CI++ Sheet
Adhesive C2 Class Adhesive to be used to fix Durabase to substrate
Depth 3.5mm
Suitable for Floors
Use Decoupling and sealing mat for use under ceramic , porcelain and natural stone tiles.
Width 1m
Size 1m²
Chemical Stability Resistant to diluted acids, alkalie and salt solutions
Disposal Non-hazardous, e.g disposable along with normal domestic waste
Electrical Properties High electrical resistivity
Behaviour in Instance of Fire Normal flammability (B2 as per DIN 4102, Part 1)
Lower Material Polypropylene (PP)
Permitted Temperature Range -40° to +80°C
Tensile Strength 580 N/5m²
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 175 x 10-⁶
Transport Restrictions Non-hazardous as per GGVSE?ADR and GGSV see/IMDG
Upper Material Polypropylene (PP)
Waterproof 100% Waterproof (When used in conjunction wit the Durabase joint tape)
Weight 615g/m²