Electric Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 150w /m²
Electric Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 150w /m²
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Electric Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 150w /m²

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BodenWärm Underfloor heating kits for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiled floors are a practical and effective heating solution. All BodenWärm heating mats are both robust, reliable, and supported with a lifetime guarantee giving you peace of mind and confidence in the longevity of your underfloor heating. The lifetime guarantee applies to all BodenWärm heating mats, with the thermostats separately supported by their own specific manufacturer backed warranties.
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Electric Underfloor Heating

The BodenWärme 150 w/m² electric underfloor heating solutions for Ceramic, Porcelain, and Natural Stone tiled floors offer the ultimate comfort in heating. Even positioning of the heat source means optimum comfort is achieved throughout the whole room, unlike conventional radiator heating systems which can cause hot and cold spots in a room. The temperature profile of underfloor heating is much closer to the ideal heating profile, where the feet are kept warm while the head remains cool.


BodenWärme 150w/m² underfloor heating cable features:

    Dual core wire with simple, single connection point 

    Thin yet very robust 3.6mm wire keeps the increase in floor height to a minimum

    Tough Fluoropolymer conducting insulation with PVC outer insulation ensure durability

    Lifetime manufacturer backed guarantee for total peace of mind

    Ample power to provide a sole-source heating solution 

    Full CE certification and ROHS compliance for guaranteed safety

Calculating the correct size BodenWärme heating kit for your requirements and other considerations

When calculating which size kit to order it's important to ensure that you do not order too much as the cables cannot be shortened or excess cut off at the end, unfortunately, if the cables are cut they cannot be returned. After calculating the entire floor space (width multiplied by length) you should deduct any fixed furniture from the area which has a clearance of less than 50mm above the floor, this will eliminate the risk of causing hot spots. Once you have a total area less the deductions, you should deduct a further 10% from the total as this will allow for the spacing between cables and for spacing around the perimeter of the room. As with all electrical projects governed by Part P regulations, all mains electrical connections must be undertaken by a certified electrician. The heating must be protected by a 30mA RCD, this can be situated within the consumer unit, or via a dedicated fused spur, you should also ensure that the total current of your heating system does not exceed the current capacity of the circuit it is connected to. Standard domestic ring circuits are rated at 13A and an electrical feed can be taken via a single 13A fused spur.

The maximum total size of 150w/m² BodenWärme underfloor heating cables that can be controlled by a single thermostat is 20m². Any area greater than this should be divided into separate zones and controlled via multiple thermostats.

Should you require any help or guidance in calculating your requirements our team of advisors are on hand 7 days per week to offer assistance when required on our customer support number 01473 805959 or you can email your enquiry to [email protected]

Suitable for use under Tiles - Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone
Wattage Output 150w / m²
Heat Mat Guarantee 25 Years
Certification CE, ROHS
Element Structure Dual Core Wire
Cable Thickness 3.6mm
Cold Tail Length 3m
Cable Spacing 80mm
Conductor Insualtion Fluoropolymer
Outer Insulation PVC
Earth Type 100% Coverage Earth Shield
Power Supply AC230V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Current Load See Data Sheets Above For Individual Sizes
Resistance Value See Data Sheets Above For Individual Sizes
Heat Mat Dimensions See Data Sheets Above For Individual Sizes
Product Instructions BodenWarme Underfloor Heating Instruction Manual Loose Cable