Electrical Underfloor Heating Repair Kit
Electrical Underfloor Heating Repair Kit
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Electric Underfloor Heating Repair Kit

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This repair kit is designed for repairing heating cable that is damaged during installation of the heating cable or mat. The kit includes jumper wires to bridge the heating element after the damaged section is removed.

Kit Contents

  • 4x Crimp connectors to join the dual core heating wire to the jumper cables
  • 2x Heating cable jumper cables
  • 2x Crimp connectors to join the earth cables to the jumper cable
  • 1x Earth jumper cable 4x Heat Shrink sections for the conductor joints
  • 1x Heat shrink section for the total repair section
  • Installation Instructions


1. Remove the damaged section of heating cable then strip 38mm of the outer insulation from both sides of the cut heating wire ends
2. Seperate the two inner heating conductors and metal earth screen then remove 8mm of the heater conductor insulation
3. Slide the large heat shrink onto one side of the heating cable / mat. Once repair is complete, this tube will seal the complete repair
4. Remove 8mm of insulation from both sides of the 100 jumper cables
5. Cut the earth jumper cable to size
6. Slide on the small heat shrink sections onto the conductor jumper cables to create a seal once crimped
7. Using a crimp tool and the smaller crimps, carefully connect the heating cables to the jumper wires
8. Larger crimps for connecting earth cable

UFH Repair Instructions A

9. Center the small heat-shrink tubes over the connectors and using a heat gun shrink into place

UFH Repair B

10. Using a crimp tool, connect the earth jumper cable to the metal earth screen sections using the larger crimps

UFH Repair C

11. Center the large heat shrink tube over the whole splice section and using a heat gun, shrink into place

UFH Repair D


The heat mat / cable MUST then be tested. The heating cable resistance should be compared to the value within the instruction manual. The insulation resistance MUST also be measured and should be greater than 500 M Ohms.

Electrical Considerations

As with all electrical projects governed by Part P regulations, all mains electrical connections must be undertaken by a certified electrician.

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