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We source virtually all our products direct from factories across the world. By cutting out distributors and keeping our costs ultra low we are able to offer our customers fantastic quality products at less than half the price of well known high street stores.
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We're passionate about our responsibility to protect the environment, whether it be the way we operate, the packaging we use or the business partners we collaborate with. To quote the Dalai Lama of the Tibetan Monks "It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live".
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A list of downloadable safety data sheets for Total Tiles products.
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Tile FAQs
Can all tiles be used on walls and floors?
The simple answer to this no. Walls tiles are not suitable for use on a floor. However many tiles are multi-use for walls and floors. You just need to check they are suitable for use on a floor, then they can be used on walls.
Can I add a gloss finish to my natural stone tiles?
Yes, by using LTP Ironwax Gloss you can add a gloss finish to natural stone. It can be used on travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate unpolished marble, terracotta, Quarry tiles, bricks, terrazzo and concrete.
Can I install tiles on top of existing tiles?
In most cases you can if the existing tiles are sound and the substrate they are fixed to is sound. However, using the correct adhesive to achieve this is very important. Installing tiles on top of existing tiles does have it’s issues though.
Can I tile on painted walls?
Unfortunately painted surfaces are generally not suitable for tiling. A detailed examination of the painted surface should be made to decide whether it is suitable. Emulsion paint, lime-wash, distemper and similar finishes should be removed since they can possess poor adhesion to backing.
Can I use PVA to prime a surface before tiling?
No, you should never use PVA to prime a surface before tiling.
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Tile Project Planning
What size of tile is best for my project?
Tiles have become an extremely popular choice of décor. Manufacturers have risen to the increase in demand and hunger for varied designs with a myriad of different sizes and styles. Choosing the right size tile for a project can be a very daunting and personal decision. However, there are some basics that should be considered and may help you to narrow down the selection and put you on the right track.
What surfaces can I tile?
Tiles can be applied to many stable surfaces (often referred to as substrates), once the right preparation has taken place. Tiles are rigid and will not bend or flex. So in order to stop them from fracturing or becoming loose the surface needs to be firm and secure.
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