Does natural stone need sealing?

Yes natural stone does require sealing before installation. This helps protect the surface of the stone from collecting dirt, adhesive and grout during installation. Natural stone also needs sealing periodically after installation to ensure the beauty of the stone is preserved.

All types of stone are porous to varying degrees. Natural stones such as travertine and limestone are very porous. Granite is much less porous. The surface of any natural stone, even polished natural stone, will contain very small pits and fissures. By sealing these with the appropriate LTP sealer you can help stop the surface of the stone absorbing liquids, dirt and even bacteria.

Sealers such as LTP Mattstone are impregnating sealers that are ideal for travertine and limestone. For polished natural stone, LTP Polished Porcelain Sealer is recommended. As mentioned before, natural stone will need periodically resealing. The frequency for this will depend on factors such as, where it is installed and the amount of foot traffic etc it has.

Using the correct maintenance products will help protect the natural stone and the sealed surface. Cleaners such as LTP Waxwash are designed to gently clean natural stone and also not strip off any sealers that have been used. For advice on which sealer and maintenance product is best for your natural stone call our friendly customer service team on 01473 805959.