How can I make fitting mosaics easier?

One of the issues with fitting mosaic sheets is they are flexible. Normally the mosaic tiles are stuck on a nylon or plastic mesh. This causes them to flop about when you are trying to fit them. To stop this issue use a Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheet to add rigidity to the mosaic sheet.

A Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheet is thin plastic rigid mesh. This has a self adhesive side. You place the mosaic you are fitting face down. Then remove the backing paper from the Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheet. This reveals the self adhesive face of the sheet. You then stick this side to the back of the mosaic sheet. The strong plastic mesh will then add rigidity to the mosaic sheet making it easier to handle and fit.

Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheet

The Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheet is 1.4mm thick, so it can be used to help build out the thickness of the mosaic sheet, if the sheet is thinner than any tiles it is being fitted with. The plastic sheet can easily be cut, with a utility knife, into strips if you are using the mosaic tiles as a border. For further information on installing mosaic tiles call our friendly customer service team on 01473 805 959.