What is the maximum depth for self levelling compound?

This will depend on the type of self levelling compound you buy. Larsen’s SLC 1550 Fibre Flex self levelling compound has a maximum depth of 50mm, which is considerably more than most ‘standard’ self levelling compounds.

Larsen SLC 1550 Self Levelling Compound

Larsen’s SLC 1550 Fibre Flex self levelling compound can be used to obtain depths from 3mm all the way to 50mm. This is thanks to its Fibreflex microfibre technology. Fibreflex reinforces the levelling compound using millions of tiny fibres which bring both strength and flexibility to your floor. It is suitable to be used on timber floors and encapsulate underfloor heating.

Larsen Self Levelling Compound

Larsen’s Self Levelling Compound is a more traditional levelling compound. Suitable for use on most common subfloors such as sand/cement screeds or concrete. It has high flow properties making it ideal for smoothing. It can be laid up to 6mm in depth.

Larsen Lartex Self Levelling Compound

Larsen’s Lartex Flo is a 2 part levelling compound consisting of a bag of powder and a bottle of latex polymer. These are mixed together as one unit. Latex Flo is suitable for use over sand/cement screeds, concrete and correctly prepared timber floors. It is suitable for use over underfloor heating systems to encapsulate them. It can be laid up to a thickness of 10mm.