Which tiles are suitable for use around a wood burning stove?

Tiles are fired at very high temperatures when they are manufactured, which means they can easily withstand the heat from a wood burner or stove. Some ceramic tiles might show some ‘crazing’ in the glaze, a cobweb type pattern, if they are exposed to high temperatures again. So porcelain tiles are ideal for use around a wood burner or stove.

Porcelain tiles are easily cleaned but do check if they need sealing before installation. This can stop soot or ash working its way into the surface of the tile. The adhesive you need to use needs to be a flexible cement based adhesive such as Larsen Flexible Rapidset + .When using tiles around a wood burner or stove ensure that you seal any grout joints with LTP Grout Protector Spray. Again this will help stop soot or ash staining the grout.