Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheets
Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheets Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheet Mosaic Mesh Backer Sheet
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Mosaic Mesh Backing Sheets

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High Grab Self Adhesive Mosaic Tile Backing Sheets

These 300x300mm backing sheets convert a flexible mosaic sheet into a more rigid form making them much easier to handle and achieve a professional level finish.
The 1.4mm thickness can also be used to slightly pack out the thickness of mosaic to match a marginally thicker plain tile if necessary.
Simply place the mosaic sheet face down on a flat surface, peel off the backing paper and stick the backing sheet to the rear of the mosaic. The strong hexagon shaped plastic mesh will then support the mosaic making it almost as easy to install as a solid tile.

SKU A10042
Width 300
Height 300
Product Instructions Mosaic Mesh Leaflet