No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards
No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards
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No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards

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Why use 22mm Tile Backer Boards to build floors

  • Quick to install 
  • 22mm dense 4 Sided tongue and groove construction designed to give minimal squeaks 
  • A1 Fire rated 
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Fungi Resistant
  • 100% recyclable

Please see documentation below under Data Sheets Tab for a full installation guide

No More Ply 22mm Tile Backer Boards are a 4-sided tongue and groove load-bearing floor solution, the dense construction and tongue and groove design means that they are less likely to squeak than chipboard. They can be fitted over steel or timber joists making them an ideal product to be used in most building projects or refurbishments. The A1 fire rating gives peace of mind and makes these construction boards ideal for use in both commercial and domestic applications. These sturdy construction boards come in 1200x600mm making them easy to transport and handle on-site, the installation of these construction boards can be done fast and has been designed with both the DIY enthusiast and the professional fitter in mind, each board covers an area of 0.72m². The water-resistant properties mean that they can be stored safely on site either inside or outside without any concerns about water damage. Please read the installation guide and DATA sheets below for further information.
SKU 5055377255220
Width 600
Height 1200
Can be tiled on? Floor
Thickness (mm) 22
Colour Grey
weight per board 24.8Kg
Suitable for use under Tiles - Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone
Certification CE, BBA
Thermal Conductivity 0.412 W/mk to BS EN12664
Water Absorption 30% Prior to priming; 0% when primed with SBR Primer
Compressive Strength 55 N/mm2
Impact Sound Reduction 49-55 Db at 2000Hz
Flexural Strength Longtitude
Flammability Class 0 non combustible in accordance with BS476 Part 4
Fire Resistance 2 Hours (Class 0)
Product Instructions No More Ply 22mm CB Installation Guide
Technical Information 1 No More Ply 22mm CB Technical Data Sheet
Technical Information 2 No More Ply 22mm Thermal Conductivity Sheet