Tile Backer Board 6mm
Tile Backer Board 6mm Tile Backer Board 6mm Tile Backer Board 6mm
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Tile Backer Board 6mm

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Why Use Tile Backer Board on floors?

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reduces floor movement and stops cracking
  • Water-resistant once primed with SBR Primer
  • A1 Fire rated
  • Thermally Insulating
  • Slim 6mm fibre cement boards avoid creation of a large ‘step’ into tiled area.

Our fibre cement Tile Backer Board will give a stable and flat surface when tiling over a wooden floor, this prevents any grout from cracking by reducing excessive flex or movement. The tile backer board will become water-resistant once primed with an SBR primer, the tile backer board is also A1 fire rated to give you peace of mind. Our Tile backer board is an ideal covering for a chipboard floor, chipboard can be a problem for adhesive to stick to due to the large amounts of wax used in its manufacturing process, our fibre cement backer boards are a fantastic stable surface to tile onto that work well with flexible tile adhesives. The 6mm thick tile backer board will give the same strength as 15mm plywood without the complication of the height that plywood will give. The tile backer board comes in a 1200 x 600mm size covering an area of 0.72m² which makes it very easy to transport and move around on site. Our tile backer board is very quick to install, cutting it with a scoring knife and fixing it with mega-strength adhesive you can get your surface ready to tile in a very short time. The insulation properties of the tile backer board make it a great surface to fit one of our electric underfloor heating systems onto.

SKU 5055377270001
Width 600
Height 1200
Can be tiled on? Floor
Thickness (mm) 6
Colour Grey
weight per board 6.5
Suitable for use under Tiles - Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone
Certification CE, BBA
Thermal Conductivity 0.412 W/mk to BS EN12664
Water Absorption 30% non primed , 0% When primed with SBR primer
Compressive Strength 55 N/mm2
Impact Sound Reduction 49-55 Db at 2000Hz
Flexural Strength Longtitude
Flammability Class 0 non combustible in accordance with BS476 Part 4
Fire Resistance 2 Hours
Product Instructions No More Ply Fixing Guide
Technical Information 1 Tile Backer Board 6mm Technical DATA Sheet