20mm Outdoor Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles with their very low absorbancy have been used externally for years, but recent innovations have seen the introduction of extra thick 20mm porcelain floor tiles specifically for use as garden tiles. But why use 20mm thick porcelain tiles? Well the main benefit is they have great mechanical strength meaning they don't require directly fixing to a deep screeded, solid floor (Although they can be!), 20mm thick porcelain tiles can simply be loose laid over gravel or on pedestals, making them a great practical solution for your outside needs, and that's not all, these 20mm outdoor tiles features include:

  • Full ultraviolet sunlight resistance, these tiles will not lighten and lose their colour over time, they also stay relatively cool to touch, even in the summer.
  • An R11 anti-slip surface making them a safer choice over other external floor coverings such as timber decking.
  • Very durable these tiles are frost resistant and weather resistant, yet still, require no special sealers or maintenance, simply washed down with a normal patio pressure washer.
  • Latest trends and designs, including the very en-trend urban inspired concrete effect tiles.
  • Precision rectified edges these tiles are ultra square allowing for the use of decorative gravel in between the joints.
  • Suitable for use over our adjustable pedestal supports enabling them to be fixed without adhesive giving true versatility and freedom of design.

So why not order a sample today, you will be impressed by the quality of these tiles, and amazed at the low Total Tiles price.