Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Browse our collection of boutique styled ceramic bathroom tiles. Ceramic tiles are much easier to cut and grout than porcelain tiles making them a favorite for use in bathroom projects where the extra durability of porcelain simply isn't required. 

  1. Energy Concrete Effect
    Energy Concrete Effect
    From: £12.94 /м²
  2. Marble Effect Matt
    Marble Effect Matt
    From: £12.95 /м²
  3. Rectified Stone Effect
    Rectified Stone Effect
    From: £15.94 /м²
  4. Innova Sand Rectified
    Innova Sand Rectified
    From: £18.94 /м²
  5. Roma Gloss Marble Effect
    Roma Gloss Marble Effect
    From: £18.94 /м²
  6. Roma Grey Marble Effect
    Roma Grey Marble Effect
    From: £22.94 /м²
  7. Metro Bevelled 200 x 100
    Metro Bevelled 200 x 100
    From: £12.00 /м²
  8. Metro Underground Flat
    Metro Underground Flat
    From: £15.00 /м²
  9. Metro Bevelled 300 x 100
    Metro Bevelled 300 x 100
    From: £19.00 /м²
  10. Cotswold Wall
    Cotswold Wall
    From: £23.56 /м²
  11. Avenue Stone Effect Wall
    Avenue Stone Effect Wall
    From: £23.56 /м²
  12. Ambience Wall Tiles
    Ambience Wall Tiles
    From: £23.56 /м²
  13. Innova Rectified
    Innova Rectified
    From: £18.94 /м²
  14. Montebello Carrara Effect
    Montebello Carrara Effect
    From: £13.80 /м²
  15. Tundra Grey Marble Effect
    Tundra Grey Marble Effect
    From: £22.98 /м²
  16. White Wall Tiles
    White Wall Tiles
    From: £15.00 /м²
  17. Metro Marble Effect
    Metro Marble Effect
    From: £19.50 /м²
  18. Emora Split Face Effect
    Emora Split Face Effect
    From: £14.99 /м²
  19. Cascais Calacatta
    Cascais Calacatta
    From: £17.94 /м²
  20. Neve White Rectified
    Neve White Rectified
    From: £15.94 /м²
  21. Rectified White Matt Wall
    Rectified White Matt Wall
    From: £15.94 /м²
  22. Nairobi
    From: £14.96 /м²