Kitchen Wall Tiles

Buy kitchen wall tiles at insanely cheap prices from Total Tiles.
Save over 50% compared to well known high street stores by buying direct from the UK importer.
Our range includes over 20 types of brick kitchen tiles from only £8.50/m² and rustic stone effect kitchen wall tiles for traditional oak kitchen designs.

  1. Metro Bevelled 200 x 100
    Metro Bevelled 200 x 100
    From: £12.00 /м²
  2. Metro Bevelled 300 x 100
    Metro Bevelled 300 x 100
    From: £19.00 /м²
  3. Metro Underground Flat
    Metro Underground Flat
    From: £15.00 /м²
  4. Manhattan Brick Effect
    Manhattan Brick Effect
    From: £25.99 /м²
  5. Chicago Brick Effect
    Chicago Brick Effect
    From: £18.00 /м²
  6. Ambience Wall Tiles
    Ambience Wall Tiles
    From: £24.89 /м²
  7. Cotswold Wall
    Cotswold Wall
    From: £24.89 /м²
  8. Avenue Stone Effect Wall
    Avenue Stone Effect Wall
    From: £24.89 /м²
  9. Split Face Stone Mosaics
    Split Face Stone Mosaics
    From: £39.72 /м²
  10. Nikea Moroccan
    Nikea Moroccan
    From: £23.75 /м²
  11. Nikea Sephia Porcelain
    Nikea Sephia Porcelain
    From: £23.75 /м²
  12. Hexag Porcelain
    Hexag Porcelain
    From: £21.78 /м²
  13. Metro Marble Effect
    Metro Marble Effect
    From: £19.50 /м²
  14. Emora Split Face Effect
    Emora Split Face Effect
    From: £14.99 /м²
  15. Mosaics
    From: £39.72 /м²
  16. White Wall Tiles
    White Wall Tiles
    From: £15.00 /м²
  17. Marble Split Face Effect
    Marble Split Face Effect
    From: £23.96 /м²