Living Room Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles are not only limited in use to bathrooms and kitchens, they have far wider design appeal in the home decor trends of today. Although we have titled this section Living Room Tiles, the fact is that all of these floor tiles can be used in any room in the home, their use limited only by your imagination. The use of floor tiles throughout the home is becoming increasingly popular as we become heavily influenced by mediterranean culture where floor tiles are the go-to flooring covering for all rooms in the home. So other than the fact that they look amazing, why use floor tiles in your living areas? Well, floor tiles are a very practical solution, easy to clean and almost maintenance free, floor tiles are perfect for busy family homes especially if there are pets, where dog and cat hair can be a real problem for traditional carpet coverings. With underfloor heating so popular with home renovation projects the coldness of floor tiles is no longer a problem in the winter months, and in the summer a cool floor is most welcome when coming in from a warm garden area. But the real appeal for floor tiles in living areas is that they look stylish, and with tiles getting larger and providing a more seamless look, floor tiles are great at making any space appear larger. Have a look at our collection and you will see tiles that represent all styles from classic look tiles through to natural stone effects and urban inspired designs.

  1. Kallio Grey Porcelain
    Kallio Grey Porcelain
    From: £17.76 /м²
  2. Vogue Porcelain
    Vogue Porcelain
    From: £16.94 /м²
  3. White Gloss Marble Effect
    White Gloss Marble Effect
    From: £13.48 /м²
  4. Palmer Gloss Wood Effect
    Palmer Gloss Wood Effect
    From: £11.89 /м²
  5. Forest Grey Wood Effect
    Forest Grey Wood Effect
    From: £9.94 /м²
  6. Calacatta Porcelain
    Calacatta Porcelain
    From: £23.98 /м²
  7. Cosmos Polished Porcelain
    Cosmos Polished Porcelain
    From: £19.94 /м²
  8. Smokey Oak Wood Effect
    Smokey Oak Wood Effect
    From: £21.96 /м²
  9. White Washed Wood Effect
    White Washed Wood Effect
    From: £18.96 /м²
  10. Calacatta Gold Porcelain
    Calacatta Gold Porcelain
    From: £15.94 /м²
  11. Metoxide Porcelain
    Metoxide Porcelain
    From: £24.96 /м²
  12. Calacatta Matt Porcelain
    Calacatta Matt Porcelain
    From: £23.98 /м²
  13. Canterbury Grey Porcelain
    Canterbury Grey Porcelain
    From: £15.98 /м²
  14. Oxido Porcelain
    Oxido Porcelain
    From: £18.98 /м²
  15. Emperador Brown Porcelain
    Emperador Brown Porcelain
    From: £15.97 /м²
  16. Classic Oak Wood Effect
    Classic Oak Wood Effect
    From: £18.96 /м²
  17. Grey Gloss Wood Effect
    Grey Gloss Wood Effect
    From: £13.95 /м²
  18. Regal Calacatta Porcelain
    Regal Calacatta Porcelain
    From: £17.94 /м²
  19. Sand Wash Black Porcelain
    Sand Wash Black Porcelain
    From: £23.96 /м²
  20. Barnwood Porcelain
    Barnwood Porcelain
    From: £22.98 /м²
  21. Loftwood Porcelain
    Loftwood Porcelain
    From: £16.99 /м²
  22. Samba Porcelain
    Samba Porcelain
    From: £21.93 /м²
  23. Vogue Matt XL Porcelain
    Vogue Matt XL Porcelain
    From: £26.99 /м²
  24. Polished Concrete Effect
    Polished Concrete Effect
    From: £16.97 /м²
  25. Leon  Lappato Porcelain
    Leon Lappato Porcelain
    From: £22.96 /м²
  26. VIctorian Style
    VIctorian Style
    From: £18.96 /м²