Patterned Floor Tiles

On trend patterned floor tiles combine traditional patterns with a modern twist. Dare to be a little different and add a feature floor that reflects your personality into your home. 

  1. VIctorian Style
    VIctorian Style
    From: £15.95 /м²
  2. Victorian Style Porcelain
    Victorian Style Porcelain
    From: £14.97 /м²
  3. Canterbury Grey Porcelain
    Canterbury Grey Porcelain
    From: £14.97 /м²
  4. Nikea Sephia Porcelain
    Nikea Sephia Porcelain
    From: £19.75 /м²
  5. Nikea Moroccan
    Nikea Moroccan
    From: £19.75 /м²
  6. Vesta Porcelain
    Vesta Porcelain
    From: £22.55 /м²