Rectified Wall Tiles

Rectified wall tiles undergo an additional machining process to their edges, called rectification, that gives them a super straight 90 degree edge. This adds to the overall effect of quality and means that grout joints appear smaller adding to the overall effect of the tiled surface. In fact rectified tiles are finished to such precision that even on a large format tile a grout joint as small as 2mm can be employed. This process adds authenticity to tiles that simulate certain effects, such as tiles that look like marble or natural stone as these natural products have similar edges. It also compliments minimalist styles like plain white gloss floor tiles or ultra modern designs giving them an extra crisp contemporary feel.
  1. Roma Gloss Marble Effect
    Roma Gloss Marble Effect
    From: £17.94 /м²
  2. Vogue Porcelain
    Vogue Porcelain
    From: £16.94 /м²
  3. Innova Sand Rectified
    Innova Sand Rectified
    From: £17.94 /м²
  4. Innova Rectified
    Innova Rectified
    From: £17.94 /м²
  5. Breeze Stone Effect
    Breeze Stone Effect
    From: £18.50 /м²
  6. Rectified White Matt Wall
    Rectified White Matt Wall
    From: £15.94 /м²
  7. Tundra Grey Marble Effect
    Tundra Grey Marble Effect
    From: £22.98 /м²
  8. City Shades Porcelain
    City Shades Porcelain
    From: £12.59 /м²
  9. Rectified Stone Effect
    Rectified Stone Effect
    From: £15.94 /м²
  10. Sand Wash Black Porcelain
    Sand Wash Black Porcelain
    From: £24.13 /м²
  11. Sand Wash Grey Porcelain
    Sand Wash Grey Porcelain
    From: £24.13 /м²
  12. Cosmos Polished Porcelain
    Cosmos Polished Porcelain
    From: £19.94 /м²
  13. Sand Wash Beige Porcelain
    Sand Wash Beige Porcelain
    From: £31.20 /м²
  14. Roma Grey Marble Effect
    Roma Grey Marble Effect
    From: £22.94 /м²
  15. Cascais Calacatta
    Cascais Calacatta
    From: £17.94 /м²
  16. Neve White Rectified
    Neve White Rectified
    From: £15.94 /м²
  17. Leon  Lappato Porcelain
    Leon Lappato Porcelain
    From: £22.96 /м²
  18. Metoxide Porcelain
    Metoxide Porcelain
    From: £24.96 /м²