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Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m²
Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m² Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m² Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m² Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m² Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m² Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m² Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m²

Underfloor Heating Mat 12m² + Black WiFi Thermostat 150w / m²

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BodenWärme Premium Quality 150w/m² Electric Under Tile Heating
Kit Includes:
  1. BodenWärme 12 sq mtr 150w/m² underfloor heating mat with Rapid Fit sticky mesh
  2. Market leading iSTAT Thermostat with colour touch screen and brushed aluminium surround
  3. Floor Temperature Sensor with 3m cable
  4. Comprehensive installation manual
  5. 25 Year Manufacturer backed heat mat guarantee

See below for full product details

BodenWärme Underfloor Heating Product Features

Tough, Safe, Long Lasting Heating Element

  • Dual core wire with simple, single connection point. The twin conductor construction also eliminates any harmful EMF.
  • Thin 3.6mm cable thickness keeps the increase in floor height to a minimum.
  • Tough Fluoropolymer conductor insulation with resilient PVC outer insulation ensuring durability.
  • Full CE & TUV certification & ROHS compliance for guaranteed safety.
  • 100% Coverage earth shield for safety and peace of mind.
  • Ample power for sole-source heating* or alternatively use to simply take the chill off the floor. 
    *Providing the room is adequately insulated.

  • 25 Year manufacturer backed guarantee for total peace of mind.

Mat Design

  • The entire mesh backing of the heat mat is self adhesive unlike others with small adhesive strips. This makes the installation of both the heating mat and the self levelling compound or tile adhesive on top much easier.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive on the mesh backing prevents the common issue of the mat curling.
  • Easy installation with zero maintenance required. Once installed there is nothing to leak or burst and nothing to flush, bleed, clean or service. 

Ultimate Comfort

  • Even positioning of the heat source means optimum comfort is achieved throughout the whole room unlike hot or cold spots produced by radiators. 
  • Thermostat control promotes energy savings through better control of zone heating, meaning you only heat the rooms you want, when you want.
  • The temperature profile of underfloor heating is much closer to the ideal heating profile, where feet are warm, while the head remains cool.

Innovative Thermostat

  • First LCD touch screen thermostat with a 4.3 inch full colour screen.
  • Includes software with anticipation function which reduces discrepancies between set and actual temperatures. 
  • Super easy-to-use user interface. The thermostat will guide you through the selections to program your preferences.

Interactive & Intelligent

  • Graphical display with clear descriptions of your program makes adjustment quick and easy.
  • Choose from 3 different sensor settings; Ambient (Built in sensor) - to control the air temperature; Floor - to control the floor temperature using the floor probe or Ambient & Floor - to control the ambient air temperature with an upper floor temperature limit.
  • Self learning proportional adaptive function automatically adjusts to the changing condition in your room, your home and even the seasons to give optimal start up times, saving energy.


  • Up to 6 different temperature periods can be programmed for each day. Times and temperatures can be individually set for each period.
  • Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun can be programmed separately.
  • Four languages available - English, French, German & Dutch.
  • Fits in a standard single gang back box (45mm deep)


The use of insulation boards will reduce heat up times and running costs by up to 50%. This means they can pay for themselves in just 2-3 years.

This heating is suitable for installation onto timber floors which have been over boarded with a minimum of 15mm exterior or marine quality ply.
Stable timber floorboards or 22mm chipboard flooring which have not been over boarded will require installation boards installed to provide a thermal barrier between the heat mat and the timber.

Heat Mat Size Selection

Before selecting your heating it is vital to ensure you have the correct size heat mat to suit your room. This is critical as the heating element CANNOT be reduced or extended.

  1. Calculate the total area of the room.
  2. Deduct the areas of all fixed furniture items without a minimum 60mm free flowing air gap underneath such as kitchen units, bath, toilet e.t.c.
  3. Deduct a further 10% from this remaining area. This allows for the spaces between the mats and around the edge of the room.
Always round DOWN to the nearest size. It is always best to have a little less heating than some left over! 

Electrical Considerations

  • As with all electrical projects governed by Part P regulations, all mains electrical connections must be undertaken by a certified electrican.
  • We recommend a maximum 20m² area of 150w/m² output heating to be controlled by one thermostat. Any area greater than this should be split into separate zones using separate heat mats controlled by more than one thermostat.
  • The heating must be protected by a 30mA RCD. This can be situated within the consumer unit or via a dedicated RCD fused spur.
  • Ensure the total current of your heating system does not exceed the current capacity of the circuit it is connected to. Standard domestic ring circuits are rated at 13A and an electrical feed can be taken via a single 13A fused spur. 
Full installation instructions can be found in the data sheets section below

If you need any further advice please call us on 01473 805959 or drop us an email at


Heating Mat Coverage 12m²
Suitable for use under Tiles - Ceramic, Porcelain & Natural Stone
Wattage Output 150w / m²
Heat Mat Guarantee 25 Years
Certification CE, ROHS, TUV
Element Structure Dual Core Wire
Cable Thickness 3.6mm
Cold Tail Length 3m
Cable Spacing 80mm
Conductor Insualtion Fluoropolymer
Outer Insulation PVC
Earth Type 100% Coverage Earth Shield
Power Supply AC230V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Total Output 1800 Watts
Current Load 7.8 Amps
Resistance Value 29.4 Ohms
Heat Mat Dimensions 0.5m x 24m
Product Instructions BodenWarme Underfloor Heating Instruction Manual 150w/m

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