Adhesive & Grout

Our Larsen Professional Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout range has been developed over the last 40 years to provide outstanding strength and longevity along with practical usability for both professional and DIY installers.
Larsen commits significant resources to the development of new products and the continual improvement of existing products. Their highly trained research department use cutting edge experimental methods and laboratory equipment to develop products tailored to the end user's requirements. After a product has been developed in the laboratory, long hours are spent on site testing the product with real end users. This research and development allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee on all products in the Larsen Professional Tile Adhesive and Grout range.

  1. Tile Adhesive
    Tile Adhesive
    From: £9.99
  2. Tile Grout
    Tile Grout
    From: £4.99
  3. Preparation
    From: £2.99
  4. Silicone
    From: £5.99