Bathroom Tiles

Buy coordinating floor and wall bathroom tiles at unbelievably cheap prices from Total Tiles. We provide premium quality ceramic and porcelain tiles in the UK at half the normal price by keeping our costs low and buying direct from the factories all across Europe.
From warm soft beige bathroom tiles to cool chic grey bathroom tiles not forgetting the classic black and white tile theme, we’ve got any bathroom tile idea you’ve got covered.
Don’t worry if you don’t live close enough to Ipswich to pop into our tile shop; we offer next day delivery to almost all of the UK on both samples and tile purchases.
Our range of Larsen’s Professional tile adhesive is a favourite with the trade and much cheaper than tile adhesive for sale in DIY stores. We even offer an extra 25% discount on tile orders over £150. Simply enter the voucher code ADHESIVE25 at the checkout.

  1. Energy Concrete Effect
    Energy Concrete Effect
    From: £10.96 /м²
  2. Matt White Marble Effect
    Matt White Marble Effect
    From: £15.94 /м²
  3. Calacatta Gold Porcelain
    Calacatta Gold Porcelain
    From: £15.94 /м²
  4. Stone Mix Matt
    Stone Mix Matt
    From: £13.98 /м²
  5. Marble Effect Matt
    Marble Effect Matt
    From: £12.95 /м²
  6. Tundra Grey Marble Effect
    Tundra Grey Marble Effect
    From: £22.98 /м²
  7. Breeze Stone Effect
    Breeze Stone Effect
    From: £18.50 /м²
  8. Roma Gloss Marble Effect
    Roma Gloss Marble Effect
    From: £15.94 /м²
  9. Sparkle Travertine Effect
    Sparkle Travertine Effect
    From: £13.98 /м²
  10. Oxido Porcelain Wall
    Oxido Porcelain Wall
    From: £16.94 /м²
  11. Metallic Effect Porcelain
    Metallic Effect Porcelain
    From: £16.94 /м²
  12. Innova Sand Rectified
    Innova Sand Rectified
    From: £17.94 /м²
  13. Sand Wash Beige Porcelain
    Sand Wash Beige Porcelain
    From: £31.20 /м²
  14. Roma Grey Marble Effect
    Roma Grey Marble Effect
    From: £22.94 /м²
  15. Rectified White Matt Wall
    Rectified White Matt Wall
    From: £15.94 /м²
  16. Neve White Rectified
    Neve White Rectified
    From: £15.94 /м²
  17. Stone Mix Gloss
    Stone Mix Gloss
    From: £13.98 /м²
  18. Innova Rectified
    Innova Rectified
    From: £17.94 /м²
  19. Rectified Stone Effect
    Rectified Stone Effect
    From: £15.94 /м²
  20. Cotswold Wall
    Cotswold Wall
    From: £23.56 /м²
  21. Avenue Stone Effect Wall
    Avenue Stone Effect Wall
    From: £23.56 /м²
  22. Ambience Wall Tiles
    Ambience Wall Tiles
    From: £21.78 /м²
  23. Metro Marble Effect
    Metro Marble Effect
    From: £18.00 /м²
  24. Metro Bevelled 300 x 100
    Metro Bevelled 300 x 100
    From: £15.00 /м²
  25. Sand Wash Black Porcelain
    Sand Wash Black Porcelain
    From: £24.13 /м²
  26. Montebello Carrara Effect
    Montebello Carrara Effect
    From: £13.80 /м²
  27. Cascais Calacatta
    Cascais Calacatta
    From: £17.94 /м²
  28. Sand Wash Grey Porcelain
    Sand Wash Grey Porcelain
    From: £24.13 /м²
  29. Cosmos Polished Porcelain
    Cosmos Polished Porcelain
    From: £22.94 /м²
  30. Metro Underground Flat
    Metro Underground Flat
    From: £15.00 /м²
  31. Metro Bevelled 200 x 100
    Metro Bevelled 200 x 100
    From: £12.00 /м²
  32. Chicago Brick Effect
    Chicago Brick Effect
    From: £18.00 /м²
  33. Split Face Stone Mosaics
    Split Face Stone Mosaics
    From: £39.72 /м²
  34. Vogue Porcelain
    Vogue Porcelain
    From: £16.94 /м²
  35. Emora Split Face Effect
    Emora Split Face Effect
    From: £14.99 /м²
  36. City Shades Porcelain
    City Shades Porcelain
    From: £12.59 /м²
  37. Eramosa Matt Porcelain
    Eramosa Matt Porcelain
    From: £14.94 /м²
  38. Nikea Moroccan
    Nikea Moroccan
    From: £22.75 /м²
  39. Vesta Porcelain
    Vesta Porcelain
    From: £24.96 /м²
  40. Nikea Sephia Porcelain
    Nikea Sephia Porcelain
    From: £22.75 /м²
  41. White Wall Tiles
    White Wall Tiles
    From: £11.97 /м²
  42. Emulated Stone Porcelain
    Emulated Stone Porcelain
    From: £9.94 /м²
  43. Mosaics
    From: £39.72 /м²
  44. Manhattan Brick Effect
    Manhattan Brick Effect
    From: £21.98 /м²
  45. Clearance Wall Tile Lines
    Clearance Wall Tile Lines
    From: £12.59 /м²