No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive
No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive
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No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive

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Mega Strength Adhesive is a polyurethane high strength adhesive used for the fixing of No More Ply boards to various substrates. This high strength adhesive is fast setting (5-10mins) waterproof and provides a very strong , high performing bond. It can be used as both a filling agent and as a sealer between boards for both 6mm floor overlays and 12mm wall boards, eliminating the need to use joining tapes. Mega Strength expands as it is applied so must be used in conjunction with screws when installing 6mm No More Ply as an overlay to an existing floor substrate.

Mega Strength Adhesive

  • Fast setting, 5-10 Minutes
  • Waterproof (Inc seawater)
  • Provides high performance bond
  • Elimanates need for joining tapes
  • Expands to completely fill gaps
  • Transparent in appearance
  • Sufficiant to fix 6-8 6mm No More Ply boards


Guide to using Mega Strength adhesive

  • Always wear gloves when handling Mega Strength adhesive
  • Ensure that the area is free from contaminants such as dust, grease and dirt
  • One of the surfaces must be porous, if required roughen the second surface to provide a better key for adhesion.
  • Remove the nozzle, cut to 45°, cut open the end of the tube and replace nozzle.
  • Apply evenly to surface and clamp together, full bond strength will be achieved after 30mins
  • When using Mega Strength adhesive to seal between No More Ply boards the adhesive will expand and foasm slightly, this is due to the nature of Pu adhesive. Excess adhesive should be removed with acetone. If the adhesive has set it can be removed with a sharp chissel
If you have any questions regarding No More Ply please call our technical team on 01473 805959

SKU 5055377256203
Product Instructions No More Ply Fixing Guide
Technical Information 1 No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive Data Sheet
Technical Information 2 No More Ply BBA Certificate
Colour Transparent
Size (kg) 0.3
Coverage (m²) .approx 3.6
Setting time (hrs) 0.2
Ready Mixed? Yes
Flexible? Yes
Suitable to be used on Floor, Wall
For tiles no larger than 120x120cm
Can be used to fix No More Ply Boards
Pot life 12 Months Shelf Life
Grade Polyurethane Adhesive
Guarantee N/A