Lappato Finish Tiles

Lappato Finish Tiles, sometimes referred to as semi-polished tiles, offer a striking, eye catching aesthetic which gives the best of both matt and polished tiles. The surface of the tile is part ground giving it a half polished look which is not only attractive but also practical as it requires no sealing, which you expect from a full polished tile, making it virtually maintenance free. As with a matt tile, Lappato tiles are easy to live with as unlike full polished tiles they do not show marks you expect from home life, meaning you don't feel compelled to buff and clean them every few hours! The Lappato finish adds character and depth to any tile but is particularly well suite to modern styles and designs which feature intricate high definition designs such as the popular Urban and industrial trends. Browse our collection below and see why Lappato tiles are a firm style favourite with all of us at Total Tiles.