Vitrex LASH Spacer Levelling Clips
Vitrex LASH Spacer Levelling Clips
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Vitrex LASH Levelling Spacer Clips Pack of 100

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LASH Tile levelling clips ensure that when used with LASH Levelling wedges that a flat tile surface is easily achieved. Make lippage and kickers things of the past with this easy to use system.

  • For use with tile levelling wedges
  • Prevents uneven floors
  • Aligns up to 12mm thick 
  • Ensures even grout lines
  • Easy to use, no tools required
  • For installing wall and floor tiles

1 Pack contains 100 Clips

  1. Apply setting material according to manufacturer's instructions. Slide two clips under the tile approximately 50mm from each end of the tile. (If a wider grout joint is required, please use in conjunction with a traditional type of spacer.) Then place the next tile into position. 
  2. Slide a reusable wedge into each clip across both tiles. Push tight until tiles are firm underneath the wedge. Then adjust tiles so the tile edges are aligned and firmly held into position by clip and wedge.
  3. Allow the tile adhesive to dry as in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. When the adhesive has dried and the floor is firmly set remove the protruding clip and wedge by gently kicking the top, the clip is designed to break off at this point. Keep the reusable wedges for your next tiling project. In the instance of using LASH spacers on a wall tiling project, use a non marking rubber mallet to remove the tops of the clips.

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