Which floor tiles are anti slip?

Floor tiles are given an ‘R’ rating to show their slip resistance. The ‘R’ stands for Ramp Test. The ‘R’ rating has a scale from R9 - R13, with R9 having the least slip resistance and R13 the highest slp resistance. Below is a guide to where each ‘R’ rating is suitable for use.

  • R9
  • These tiles are suitable for most domestic internal use. If used in a bathroom a towel or mat should be used to dry feet on.
  • R10
  • As well as domestic bathrooms, again use a towel or mat, these are suitable for areas such as living areas, kitchens and hallways.
  • R11
  • Suitable for domestic use as well offices entrances, lavatories and commercial areas such as small factories.
  • R12
  • Similar to R11 but can be used in larger commercial areas that may have contaminates and also external patios areas if the tile is porcelain.
  • R13
  • These have the highest degree of slip resistance. Can be used around swimming pools or areas that may be constantly wet. Can be used on slope and in commercial areas that may be contaminated with oils etc.

    Using the ‘R’ rating alongside the tiles ‘PEI’ rating can ensure you choose the correct tile for the area you are looking to tile. For further help choosing the right tile call our friendly customer service team on 01473 805959.