What is a PEI rating?

A PEI rating is given to a tile to show its resistance to abrasion. The rating is carried out in line with standards from the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI). Machines are used to mimic different levels of traffic and footfall. A tile is then given a rating from 1-5.

  • PEI 0 - Wall Tiles only
  • These tiles are only suitable for use on walls.
  • PEI 1 - Light Footfall
  • Suitable for walls, worktops and floors that have very light footfall such as a bedroom or ensuite. Soft footwear should be worn if used on the floor.
  • PEI 2 - Moderate Footfall
  • These tiles can be used for less busy areas of the home, such as bathrooms.
  • PEI 3 - Regular Footfall
  • Suitable for use throughout the home including busy areas such as hallways and kitchens.
  • PEI 4 - Intense Footfall
  • Suitable for use throughout the home and also light commercial areas such as offices or restaurants.
  • PEI 5 - Heavy Footfall
  • Suitable for busy public areas such as airports and shopping centres. These tiles can take high levels of foot traffic.

    The PEI rating does not look at the thickness of the tile. By this we mean that just because a tile is thicker it does not mean it is harder wearing. So it is always worth looking at the REI rating for its surface durability.