What is LVT made of?

Our LVT has been developed in a rigid core format, which means that it doesn’t bow when being lifted giving extra stability and a premium feel. The LVT rigid core range has been constructed from 5 parts with the core comprising of 70% limestone, the 5 parts are heat compressed together to make the plank or tile before a locking groove is applied. The 5 parts of LVT Flooring are...

  • 1. multi-layer quartz-enhanced urethane coating that provides an extra resistance to heavy foot traffic.
  • 2. a wear layer, this can range from 0.3 - 0.7mm
  • 3. a structured decorative layer providing a premium look and feel
  • 4. a rigid limestone core consisting of 70% limestone and 30% pvc.
  • 5. a pre-attached backing to provide additional comfort and a sound barrier and sound absorption.
  • LVT Construction