How can I prevent lippage when laying floor tiles?

‘Lippage’ occurs when tiles laid next to each other are not laid to a uniform level. This exposes the edge of the higher tile forming a ‘lip’. In severe cases this can be a trip hazard. Using Vitrex L.A.S.H Levelling Clips and Wedges will help avoid ‘lippage’.

When laying any floor you should make sure that the substrate is as level as possible. If you are laying tiles in an offset pattern ensure that the pattern is a 1/3rd offset pattern and not a 50/50 offset pattern. This will help stop the highest point of one tile being directly next to the lowest point of another tile. These basic steps will help prevent ‘lippage’.

To help produce a perfectly flat floor use the Vitrex L.A.S.H Levelling Clips and Wedges system. This is made up of 2 separate pieces which are used together to ensure the tiles are flat.

First is LASH Tile Levelling Clips. These are small plastic clips that sit under the tile and act as a spacer coming through the grout joint.

Vitrex Tile Levelling Clips

The levelling clips are used in conjunction with the LASH Tile Levelling Wedges. These are plastic wedges which are pushed through the Levelling Clips and can be adjusted to make the tiles perfectly level.

Vitrex Tile Levelling Wedges

These are left in place until the adhesive has dried. The wedges are then removed and the clips are simply snapped off leaving you with a perfectly level floor and no ‘lippage’. Further details on how to use the system can be found here.